Challenge: Corrupted Seed (and other things)

I haven't been writing lately which, in all honesty, isn't the strange part. What makes it worth noting is that I hadn't even noticed that I wasn't writing. Usually, the knowledge of my failed attempts (or lack of attempts) is a constant, grating knowledge weighing down my every thought and action. I play video games (Horizon Zero Dawn <3 )  and the thought pesters. I read a book, and anxiety swirls. Dusk falls, night rises, and I sink into self-loathing at the wasted but pleasantly relaxing day.

This time I didn't even notice my lack of ambition toward chasing a dream I've had since middle school. Why? I was probably having too much fun.

I did need the break, though. Writing anything was becoming a painful process for me. Every word was nails driven through my fingers.

It's back to being mostly effortless now. (pfft)

So, I have another story for your delight. This one, like the last, is based on a dream I had. Actually, as it's recorded in my journ…

Challenge: Hell Inside

This one is based on a dream I had a long time ago. Honestly, some would call it a nightmare but I think I was too fascinated by everything I saw to be afraid, and in it, I found a valuable lesson. 

Here is...
Hell Inside

Challenge: Growing Backward

Here I go, late again but damn it, I finished. As no one probably noticed, I didn't set a theme for this month. I've been thinking of doing something a little different with this short story writing spree, but until I figure out more of the details I'll leave it at that and move on with the show.

This newest work is a story about growing up and being different, two topics I think a lot about and which often reoccurs in my life in various ways. I'm not entirely pleased with this piece, but for how much I struggled with writing it, I think it turned out pretty good.

Anyhow, without further ado I present,

Growing Backward