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A Shaman's Journey, The Realm Below

I suppose I've always been what people know as a spiritual person. However, my journey started with Wicca back in middle school, and branching out into a sisterhood in early High school. It wasn't until after I went my separate way from these life changing friends, that I started to be drawn more into the world of Shamans.

Upon moving to MA, I came to learn about these Shaman journeys that happened once a month. It starts with a guided chakra meditation, followed by a group drumming, and settles down into a drum guided journey.  I went once before tonight, and while that journey was really, very wonderful, I feel like I need to share this one in particular. 

The meditation started in my sacred space, which is a clearing in the woods with a pool at it's center in a perfect circle. Now when you travel a little ways down hill, (following a river from that pool,) you come to the top of a waterfall, and forest as far as the eye can see bellow you. (My castle is in the distance…