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A Hopefully Cynical Desert

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything but a short story on my small slice of the internet here. I think I was too hung up on the views I once had and the way I once spoke. I don’t know if I can write about these things with the hopeful elegance I once used. Maybe I’m not supposed to. I’m trying to be more honest with people, but it makes it difficult to tell if that honesty is holding me in places I wish to walk away from or if it’s doing what I intended – giving me the strength to be who I think I am (who I want to be) instead being caged inside the person I’ve shown them all.

A long time ago I wrote about life and the passing years in a bleak way. I said that we all live with our backs to a wall that’s steadily moving toward the edge of a cliff. When we’re kids that cliff is nothing but rumor and the kind of fairy tales meant to scare us. We can’t see it after all, but time passes and eventually, there it is. Once you see it, it only seems to be rushing at you. So many peopl…

Challenge: Flowers for Cigarettes