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'Life is Suffering'

Whenever I sit down to write I ask for my heart to speak. More often then not my mind goes blank and the words stop flowing. When this happens I ask myself, "are there so many walls built up that I myself can't see what lies on the other side? Or is it that the heart has no word, and only feels. It simply is?"

As human beings, our lives blanketed in rules. The laws of the universe, and our divided nations. The rules imposed on us by others, and the rules we impose on ourselves.

"Don't swim to far or you'll drown."
"Go to school or you wont get a job."
"Don't eat meat."
"There's only one God."
"Life is suffering."
"Live in the moment."
"Eat organic."
"Simplicity is the only way to enlightnement."

Once, as I walked to work, I had a thought. I imagined the first monk who reached enlightenment laughed and laughed and laughed. Because they realize they didn't have to do everyth…