What blogging has helped me understand

I was really nervous to start this. I thought, "what the hell am I going to write about?"

You see, I'm not a very political person. I'm very spiritual, with a wide range of knowledge in that sphere of life, but I don't know how to articulate it. That is, I don't yet know how to translate it from the raw emotional sense that I experience it, into written or spoken word that everyone can understand. That left me with the little I know about writing. I didn't think that was very much at all.

Yet the fact remained, blogging was a good way for me to get my foot in the door as it were. To get my voice out into the world in an entirely unabridged way. Really. No one can filter me.

I've learned a few things through starting this. The main one being I'm a really opinionated person. I have a lot more passion than I ever thought I had, and I get to express it in the rawest form there is. Creation. Shaping sounds and images, words and sentence structure, into a form of communication that hits levels of consciousness a lot of people are beginning to realize exists. (All I have to do is figure out how to get music to play once in a while.)

I have a few bones to pick, with a lot of different groups in a lot of different places in society. There are so many invisible shackles tangled around the necks of unsuspecting people. In the form of 'standard' and 'socially acceptable' behavior.

It's acceptable to go to school for years just to get a job that you hate, just to make money that you feel tied to, just so you can spend that money on things that cost more money. So you need to work harder at this job that you hate, so you can make more money... get the point.

Because, after all, if you do the things you love your bound to wind up broke, unhappy, and alone. Right? Why don't you think that over a bit? 

I've talked about it a few times. The importance of Dreams. Do what you love. Be true to yourself, and no matter if you end up a broke musician playing an instrument on a street corner, you'll wake up every day thrilled to be pursuing what you love.

Can't you see it? It's the biggest lie society has to offer, and people fall victim to it every day. (They throw their dreams at their feet like fallen stars) I watch these people pass me by day, after day, after empty day, and all I see in their eyes is forgotten passions, and lost wishes. It hurts me in a way I can't express well. It's like a deep, jagged scare across my Heart. I see those shackles too. Sometimes they bit so deep they cut to the bone. Ever see the way a tree trunk grows around ropes or bent street signs?

I'm angry, and scared about what I feel for the future, but at the same time, at peace. You see, if there's a higher power, (or five or six) a hand of fate writing the book of life, then there's no doubt in my mind they're an author.

Every author creates life. In fact the job entitles you to create a character so real in your mind that it comes off that way on paper. Collecting that much energy, holding it in your mind for the years it takes to create, and feeling that person grow, it creates a life of it's own doesn't it? You see, to me life is nothing but a story book, my existance just a chapter of the completed whole.

The world at the moment is like a raft in the rapids, plummeting over the edge of the falls. The only reason I can be at peace is because I know. If I were this mighty author writing the book of life, things would get bad. They would get really bad, but in the end comes a greater good and a life learned lesson.

What goes around, comes around.
Whatsoever you send out, comes back by three.

If you stand in the way of evolution to satiate your own lust for power, you'll reach a point where you think you've won. But the pattern is set. You'll fall, and the backlash of your actions will be crippling. I'll enjoy that day when it comes, because the day I feel my freedom is slipping away, is the day I fight back.

"But wherefore do you droop? why look you sad?
Be great in fact, as you have been in thought;
Let not the world see fear and sad distrust
Govern the motion of a kingly eye;
Be stirring as the time; be fire with fire;
Threaten the threatener, and outface the brow
Of bragging horror; so shall inferior eyes,
That borrow their behaviors from the great,
Grow great by your example; and put on
The dauntless spirit of resolution;
Show boldness and aspiring confidence.
What shall they seek the lion in his den,
And fright him there, and make him tremble there?
O, let it not be said! Forage, and run
To meet displeasures further from the doors,
And grapple with him ere he comes so nigh!" 
-Exhortation to Courage: Shakspeare


  1. Melissa Rose, deep and emotional post today. The shackles that cause people to lose their dreams or give up on them and settle for less or less than nothing is indeed heart-wrenching. Sharing your passion for writing, for life is inspiring. I had not heard of this poem by Shakespeare. Courage is definitely need today! Thanks for writing and sharing your words!

    1. I bought a very old book at my local library for five dollars with all the best poets and their work in it. It's falling apart. I think I'm going to find a book repair shop and see what I can do for it, but it has beautiful work and I'm finding myself an increasing fan of, Anon.

  2. Bleh... I've left a comment twice and not sure if they have gone through. I'm on my mobile.

    If they did, sorry for spamming!

    I said:
    Melissa Rose,

    Nice pensive, controlled rant :) I too am learning a lot with the blogging experience. It seems you are feeling more liberated, open, and casual when writing and that is definitely a good step.

    Life is hard, to understand it is hard, and at the end of the day we come home with all those frustrations and thoughts and questions about our lives, the actions of people, thoughts about our motives, or that of others', their psychology and many other things. So I think having a place to write and publish, share and release is great. For me, I need to become more loose. I am writing stories but I also need to free write in my nonfiction section, which I knew I needed because it is more liberating. I hope to just let go and write like this soon.

    Loved the line "You see, to me life is nothing but a story book, my existance just a chapter of the completed whole.


    1. Thanks for reading. :) I think it's important to write more then fiction. Don't get me front, I'm a huge fan of learning great lessons from story books. But nothing beats just splattering words onto paper like bright red paint, and throwing it at the world to chew on. I hope I get to read some of it the day you start.

  3. I can see the passion you have for writing and for having a life full of meaning, Melissa. Thanks for the post.


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