What's in a New Year?

I'm not a very dedicated blogger. I'm not even a very dedicated author it seems. Yet here I am, typing away with my heart in my words and my dreams in a clear cloud over my head. I suppose that's dedication in a way.

I couldn't think of anything to write for new years. Maybe because I was thinking too much instead of doing. (The usual state of my mentality.) Even still, sitting at this computer, (I almost wrote typewriter) I haven't the faintest idea of what to write. Another long monolog about overcoming the hardships of my past and current mentality?

I spend too much time in the past and waist so many hours of the day looking at these dusty old shadows, leaning and re-learning the lessons from every conceivable angle. I guess it's time to look ahead at the person I'm becoming and the things I will achieve.

My life is a story book, and in stories nothing of reward happens without a conflict. I think It's time I stopped living like the hero in a book. If I can't bring myself to believe that, then it's time to realize I struggled enough, and the main conflict of this current arc, is reaching it's happily ever after. I'm not naive enough to say from this point on I'll never again suffer another hardship, but the worst is done. I can't move anywhere but forward.

I might have mentioned before, but I wrote something a while ago. Life is a path through the dark. You can look over your shoulder, but if you try take a step back, the path will crumble under your feet. There's only one direction, and the path leads to wherever you set your sights. 

My main reason for posting today was to share this. My sister, Amber, wrote a beautiful post about most of the things I've been thinking about as well this year as well. Please, read it. She has me topped on beautiful posts this month. 


  1. Good to hear from you again! I hope you're not looking for a happily ever after because happily ever after means the story is over. The story goes on! Happy new year!

    1. Not if your life's a book series. Then You get happily ever after at the end of every book.=D

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  3. Happy New Year and hoping you have great success in 2014, Melissa Rose!

    1. I wish the same for you! Keep up with your writing. It's beautiful. :)


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