My Dance

For a long time I had this notion of waking up the world. I wanted to stand on a podium and yell, "Wake up already!" As it turns out I only wanted to shake myself awake.

I think everyone in the world plays a note. Our souls harmonize and create everything we see, feel, touch and hear. Despite this, we only listen to our own music and to that music we create a dance.

This is exactly what we need to do. 

The unique music you dance to is a small but vital piece to the growing masterpiece evolving around us. 

I've always liked this image. As much time as I've spent imagining the bigger picture, I've spent double that time imagining my own dance. 

At times it's delicate as a rose, petals falling in the wind. At other ferocious as a tiger, waiting crouched in the shade. 

I image it takes place on a blue floor covered in a sheet of water. It always starts slow, graceful, and to a quiet piano. I can see the points of my life where the drums beat loud, the tempo quickens, my heart rages. The water splashes and the moves are powerful. 

I can feel when the melody silences and everything goes dark. There I dance alone to the silence inside of me. 
My dance is  joy, power, grace, and it's patient too. It's fluid as the wind because my soul is the wind.

My actions are the notes being written on the page and my soul plays a note that my life, this life, is created around. That note changes subtly as it's supposed to.

What's my point? I think simply to share a piece of the world I live in.

"There are many worlds but only one sky. One sky, one destiny."

It comes from a game that I never stopped loving, Kingdom Hearts. Lately this line has been echoing through me. We're all stars (blazing suns) with entire world existing inside us, and we all share the same sky, the same destiny. Worlds need to be shared. There's too much to learn in all of them to not. It's the collaboration of all these worlds, these dances, these songs, that's creating what we're looking for. 


  1. Me too! I wanted to " wake up the world " and then I realized I could only wake myself up.


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