Back in the Game

I know it's been a long while since I've so much as glanced at this blog, but in honor new beginning, springtime, and a deep void in our lives only art, love, and tea seems to fill, I've decided to pick up my blog again with a challenge.

Starting in April, I'm challenging myself to write, edit, and post a work of writing every other week, but I wanted to take it further and open the challenge up to the art community as a whole.

It can be any type of art from poetry to photography to music, and I would love to feature select works on my blog. (Either through posting the content on the page itself, or offering links to your website and the work.) The first posting will be on Saturday, April 15th. The theme for the month is transition.

The goal of this isn't to put out your best work. No matter if you believe the piece is your worst or the best thing you've ever done, post it. The point of this is getting it done, and getting it out there.

If you're interested, or know anyone who might be interested, post in the comment section below or link them to the blog. I'm super excited to see what people come up with. Oh, and writers, for an extra challenge try to keep the work under 2000 words.


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