Live each day like it's...

...the last day of your life. Most people would finish it like that wouldn't they? I never liked it, and I couldn't place my finger on why until I heard it differently.

"Live each day like it's the first day of your life."

There's something dark about thinking each day is the last. To live each day like it's your last, it might make you want to live it to the fullest all the time. Do the things you always wanted to do, but never did because of one excuse or another. It might make you want to tell the people you love just how much you love them. It may even make you realize that your wasting your time being completely miserable, working a job you hate, and being a person you detest. Then there's that tight knot under your shoulder blades. That hooded figure whispering in your ear, "This is the last day of your life."

Maybe it's not so noticeable, but living with the intention, the feeling that this is the last day of your life, creates a foreboding of, "I'm gonna die tomorrow."

On the other hand, "Live each day like it's the first day of your life," is something entirely different. It creates this energy of wonder. Your not doing things out of fear. (Fear that you'll never have another chance to do it again.) Your doing things out of curiosity, desire, and wonder.

When you wake up in the morning, take a breath like it's the first one you've ever tasted. When you go for a walk, look at everything with the wonder of never having seen it before. Taste all your food for the first time, do all your daily tasks for the first time. Meet everyone again. Your friends, your family, and see them as if you've never seen them before.

It's the same thing really, but different too. If you have this over powering feeling of wonder and amazement towards life, life will keep gifting you things to wonder and be amazed at.

You see, your the creator of your life. That means, your the reason for every beautiful thing that's happened, and your the reason for every loss, missed opportunity, or betrayal. There's a law that shapes the world around you that can be simply put, "What you feel is what you get." How you feel 99.9% of the time, creates physical things to happen, that will make you feel that way. In other words, if your always looking at things that make you feel bad, thinking about things that make you feel bad, talking about things that make you feel...(guess), you'll continue to get things put into your life, and things will keep happening, that make you feel bad.

If you look at things that make you feel good, thinking of things that make you feel good, say things that make you feel good, ect, ect, things will happen in your life that make you feel good. But you see, it's all about your perception of things. Like a slight rephrasing of thoughts to create a different emotion. (Such as changing that silly little saying.)

On an entirely different note, I found a new holistic, natural food store near by. (Yay!) My finding it starts with a long story of a pair of boots I needed to return, and not realizing I had to find a UPS store to ship it back and not my local post office. There I was, a good two miles or so from my house with a big box I was going to have to carry home. (I have no car) I noticed the store, walked inside to get a drink (It was hot out) and started talking to the woman that worked there. (The UPS guy was coming by that day and I was sticking around to give him my package.)

We agreed on most things as far as herbal remedies go and the importance of eating organic. (Don't get my started on all the corruption going on in the FDA.) Spirituality was another matter. She was christian. (I have nothing against it) Though it was her image of God more than anything that got to me. 

I couldn't tell you if there is a God. One thing's for sure, if there is, I don't believe him to be judge and executioner. I've fluttered about from religion to religion, and all of them have the same roots, the same backbone. I've noticed there's two types of christians, those that believe in the love of God, and those who believe in the fear of God.

If there is a God, and he truly is hovering over your shoulder like some controlling parent ready to smite you should you step out of line, then that God isn't all knowing, and all powerful. To me, God is choice, and love. If there is one mighty being out there who shapped this all, then that's all he did. He shaped it to such perfection that he doesn't have to lift a finger for it to grow and learn on it's own. 

If He made us, He made us perfect, and he made us with choices. The choice to make mistakes, and do horrible things, and to learn from the consequences of those actions. God is not a judge. Because if he has to have such an active role in our evolution, then he didn't make the perfect world everyone says he did.

On the other hand, who could say if he's even there. Who knows if there's anyone up there but space gas
and hunks of rocks. If there's one, or if there's many. The mysteries are meant to stay that way sometimes. It's fun to think about, but there won't be an answer until I open that finale door, and step through.


  1. I think deep in your heart, you know the answer now. No need to step through the door to the afterlife.
    Great post, Melissa!

  2. Hi Melissa Rose! I'll read and comment on this post later. Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Sunshine Award!

    1. Thank you. :D Don't feel like you have to read and comment. lol Just read if you like.

  3. Melissa Rose, I read and comment because I like. I enjoy your posts because you challenge the reader to view ideas, concepts, views etc. from different perspectives. For instance, "Live each day like it's the first day of your life." is a challenge to not just view life differently but to live life differently.

    I find your thoughts on God interesting and thought provoking. Personally, I've been convinced of God's existence. I like that, for the most part, you capitalized His name. I believe He is personal and reveals Himself that diligently seek Him. Good luck on your journey to discovery!

    Keep on sharing! Thanks so much Melissa Rose!

    1. I capitalize his name because I know how much it means to many people. All I know is, if there is a God, then He wont condemn me based on my ability to believe He's there, but on the content of my heart and the choices I make.

      I can see the truth in every religion. They all have the same basic beliefs whether it be one God, or many. A male, or a woman.

  4. Hi Melissa, I see you have been using my picture "Rabbit hole". Would you be kind and put link at my profile or delete picture.

  5. Would you PLEASE REMOVE the picture of me in the blue dress. You have no permission to use it. Thank you. Yours,Ida.


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