Zen in the Seasons

Everyone loves spring and fall. Summer can be brutishly hot, winter treacherously cold. But spring and fall are perfect. Cool and warm, and so colorful for such a fleeting amount of time. For the sake of the current season, lets stick to spring.

Spring smells lovely. All the trees are in bloom and even when the petals fall it puts a carpet of pink and white over everything, but it lasts for such a short while. It's the lesson of the cherry blossom. Beauty is fleeting, that's what makes it so coveted.

Every single year it comes I find myself wishing it'll never end. The birds singing in a crisp morning, the flowers falling around me when I take my morning run. Even the spring rain seems more gentle and musical. This year I started to wonder, do I really want it to be like this forever? It would be nice in some aspects. Never to cold to get out and run. Never so hot I can't sleep without peeling my cloths off my skin. If it were always spring, it would loose it's magnificence.

If the trees were in bloom every day of your life. If air smelt new with every breathe, then it wouldn't be a splendor anymore. You'd be too used to it, and you'd stop looking at the world with wide eyes and amazement. Spring is a wonderful season, in that it's the one time of year people start looking at the world as if they've never seen it before.

While it would be lovely to forever lay under the dog wood trees and watched the bees pollinate the flowers, I'd rather have that one time of year where I get to feel like a kid again. (Just opening my eyes to the world for the first time.)

The lesson of spring is this:
"To fully appreciate the Life in life, we have to live through the cold winters."
Otherwise how will you know a good thing when it happens? People of the world, you get so caught up in your hurt feelings. You see life as unfair, yourself as cursed, you take every little upset people offer you as a personal attack. Pain exists for one thing, and it's not to make you suffer. You see, when you know something hurts you, it teaches you what you want. Through the pain of loneliness, you come to realize you want to feel surrounded by loving people. Through the pain of someone hurting your feelings, you realize you want people around you unlike that person.
"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."
You'll get hurt in life, but the only reason your still hurting is because you're carrying around with you like a bag of boulders. Live the lesson of spring, and see pain for what it really is. A loving, helpful, guiding hand.


  1. I would hate for it to be spring all the time! I love all the seasons in due time. In the summer, the days are long and we can play outside until late. Don't forget the plants need that sunlight to bloom. And in winter, we get beautiful snow and ice, and we can huddle up with friends and family inside where it's warm. And we get to wear big, heavy jackets and hats.

    1. I'm the same way. Half way through the summer I can't wait to bundle up in all my sweaters and cuddle under my blankets for the first snowy morning. And half way through the winter I can't wait for the sunshine and the warm sun on my bare shoulders. It's always for the first few weeks of spring and fall that I find myself wishing it'll be that way forever.

  2. Melissa Rose, you make a compelling defense for living through all four seasons. You also present a convincing philosophy for dealing with pain and suffering in a philosophical way. You do both in a lovely, poetic and picturesque manner. This is a pleasure to read. Thanks for sharing! (I like spring and fall, hate winter but I love summer. Here's to peeling off all one's clothes in the summer heat!)

    1. Thanks for reading. Winter can be tough, but isn't the first snow always beautiful? Then what the frozen rain does to a tree's dead branches is just stunning. There's a stillness to winter that helps me sleep at night and long into the morning and all the best holidays take place in the midst of winter. lol

  3. What you say about winter is true. If I were in a snowbound cabin in the mountains and prepped for winter, I'd truly love that. Trying to existed in an urban or suburban reality through traffic and slush ruins winter for me. (I'm not always a realistic, pragmatic pessimist.) Yes love winter holidays (or what make of them). Winter, snowbound sleep is the best!

    1. lol I don't drive. I walk and bike everywhere in the winter. There was this one time I showed up at the Kennel in the middle of a blizzard covered in so much snow I could have been a snow man. I got in trouble with the boss for not calling someone to pick me up.

  4. Beautiful pictures! And beautiful message with having to live through the cold winters... :-)


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