Birthday 23. How many more to go?

Ironic that this proceeds the former post about never growing up isn't it? Never the less, here I am, a mere twenty three years into life and already I can see the future of my dreams coming to reality. After all, I'm further along than I've ever been and it seems every new person I meet, be it on a bus into West Hartford, or someone new comes into work, seems to be just the kind of person I need to help me along.

Some people like gifts on their birthdays. Money and cake, and all sorts of little things to make them feel special. My dad had a small potted plant waiting for me when I got home, sitting at my computer desk where he'd know I'd find it with a card reading,
"Remember the first time I saw you,
I can still feel that jolt of love and amazement
at what a miracle you were.
And now here you are,
just a quick blur of birthdays latter,
All grown-up and still a miracle.

I loved watching you
discover your talents
and grow into your gifts...
sharing with the world 
the light that's been shinning inside you 
right from the first day.

Signed, with all my love Dad

 These little things mean more to me than you'd think. Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes. By next year you'll get to wish me another one, and congratulate me on my published book. ;) 


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