Sometimes, it seems like life is a puzzle you just dumped out of the box. You know what the end picture is, at least what you want it to be, but your left with all these fragments of images, events and experiences. This puzzle is a little different from the one's you buy at the store.

It's big. Bigger than any table you own, and the image keeps changing on the box front. Sometimes all you want is for it to hold still so you can jump to the end, the finished result, but that's not what life is about. So you sit, hunched on the floor trying to work all the little pieces into place.

Every so often you get too caught up on this one section of the puzzle. You get obsessive about finding that one piece in the massive pile around you. Days. Months. Years go by, and your still no further along than when you started. It's like you forgot there are other parts of the puzzle to work on, to slim the pile, to further the greater picture, because you got too caught up in the one part you couldn't find an answer to just yet.

Eventually you'll find that piece, because you can't have a complete picture without it. So move on. Find another part, and work on it until your calm enough where your not ready to cut and shape any random piece into that space.


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