Tarot card readings at Tisane

There's a restaurant in West Hartford CT called Tisane, which I go to exclusively for the atmosphere, the tea, and the turkey burger. (Also the chocolate fondue) It's a fun place, and attracts my kind of crowd, and it's also a lesbian bar on some nights as it turns out. But on Monday nights, between 8:00PM and 10:00 There's a man there, who sets up shop at one of the small tables and gives out tarot and card, and palm readings for ten dollars.

 I've always been a spiritual person, and sensitive to the energies around me. So when I see people like this, I get really cautious. I need to be sure this person can tell me something that I can't figure out on my own. After interviewing this poor man for a few minutes, I sat down and got a reading.

To be honest he told me many things that I suspected, but I couldn't be sure of. After all if I'm suspecting them about myself how do I know it's not all in my head? But if a stranger that never knew me until that night, picks up on these same things, there has to be some kind of truth to it, right?

I won't go into lengthy detail about the reading, other than the fact that he kept bringing up a phrase that's haunted me my entire life. Unlike most people.

Unlike most people this and, unlike most people that. I can't tell you how many times people tell me things like, "Well that's because your not most people melissa." While it's fun, and makes me smile to be seen so different, it's really lonesome to. Kind of makes you feel like the only one of your species on planet earth. lol (Like Aang must have felt being the last air bended. If you don't know this reference go watch Avatar the last air bender.)

In fact, it bothered me so much that I went back next Monday, waited for him to finish a few readings for a few friends, and asked him about it.

You see I've read a lot of spiritual books, and the one thing about life after death that stood out to me, and made sense, was the idea that you create your next life. In a way, everyone's an author, and they write their own books for the optimal experience in life. That's what deja vu is. Your remembering what you acted out and practiced in the afterlife.

But he said to me that, unlike most people, who live with the single purpose to experience and grow, that I came here with a specific purpose. To do something, but that I had to choose what the purpose was. Even if I choose not to accept this job, so to speak, that was a choice. The thing is, I can't choose wrong, and yet I'm stumped.

Being a writer, my imagination would get carried away and jump on all these wild adventures.  (It's given me a lot of feed for new books.) I guess the reason I'm posting this here, now, is because if anyone out there, somewhere in the big world stumbles across this, maybe they've had a similar experience, the same feeling that I've had all my life that they were meant to do something. And maybe, just maybe, they can give me some help, some advice.

This is The Magician, from the Shadowscape Tarot deck. The magician is a card of mastery. It suggests that everything in the universe is spread out before us, and if we learn to use them correctly we can manifest the results we desire. The magician shows us that what we consider illusion is another form of reality, and what we consider to be reality can be mere illusion. It's not trickery, but a deep understanding of how we must learn to use our intellects, our intuitive abilities, our personal talents, and our practical skills to meditate between the two worlds that affect us simultaneously.

I'll end with this.


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