This is me

Well, here I am, speaking to the world from the tinny room of a two story apartment. I've lived in it, no eight years now? And I think it's the longest I've ever lived in one place.

So who am I? And how did I get here, creating a blog when I have no idea what to do with one.

I'm a writer is the long and short of it. Unpublished, but it'll change by the end of this year if I believe it strong enough and work my a** off. It's already written. The first in the trilogy at least, though that might change since there seems to be an awful lot of those going around lately. I'm in the final stages so to speak. Editing and revising. Query letters and agent hunting. I even have some beta readers. (One of them being my new friend Aaron Browder) I work two jobs and I've been paying rent since about tenth grade in high school. I'm twenty two, as I sit and write this, but in a few weeks time, on the twenty sixth, I'll be twenty three. (a lot of twenty somethings in that sentence. lol)

To be honest I didn't even like reading until early eighth grade. I was third in state in gymnastics, on the school volleyball team. I biked everywhere I spent, spent my free time climbing trees, and roofs, and pretty much anything I could climb. I was the kid you couldn't get to sit still in school and spent most of my time fidgeting and day dreaming out the window. I swear I must have been tested for every learning disability under the damn sun. It took one friend, by the name of Angel Uchie. She handed me a book and said, "I know you don't really like reading, but give this a chance."

To this day I can't remember what it was called, but I devoured it in a single night. I couldn't be without a book in my hands after. Writing followed on that new addiction. (My dad started getting angry that I skipped dinner just so I could read.)  I ran out of interesting books, but I guess I'll save that story for another time before this gets too lengthy and boring. (Maybe it's already too late!)

So the question is left hanging in the air. What do I do with a blog? I could document my progression into publication, pose contests and advice. For now I'll take it in strides and see where it goes. (Some wisdom to take to heart when it comes to living and goal setting.)

Any questions? Ask, and I'll answer.
Any suggestions? Given them, and I'll read them.

Until my next post, dream big.



  1. I'd say the advice out there on what to put in your blog is pretty hopelessly disparate, but at the moment I'm leaning in the 'be unique and yourself' direction. Like write about what your cat is barfing up right now. It's unlikely to be the same for any two people.

    1. Don't get me started on cat barf. I live with five of them. It's a daily thing.

      Being myself is easy. I've never been, nor will I ever be, anything but precisely that.


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