How does the Universe work?

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I always think about stuff like this. I write some of it down, but most of it gets lost in that space and time between dreams and reality. There's a lot of theories out there about the after life, and the many months and days to come. But I'm going to take this space to talk a bit about what feels the most right to me.

I've read, and heard, in countless places that the afterlife is a time where you assess the lessons gained during your time on earth, and create your next life in order to obtain the best experiences. This is where deja vu steams from. Your remembering the part of the afterlife, where you wrote, and practiced the life you were going to live.

Different Shamans believe that the reality your experiencing now, your physical existence, is a dream. And you only wake up from it after you 'die.' Now if this life is a dream, and you can do anything in your dreams, doesn't that make anything possible? All those goals you've only thought of reaching for without actiong, all that happiness just barely out of your reach.  (I'll delve into this at a latter date.)

There's many theories about this year and what's supposed to happen and the best way I put it is in a short, slightly humorous story. You can find it here. But to sum it up for you, it talks about all life dancing to one rhythm, one beat. In this new year, that beat has changed and it's brought about two kinds of people. The people that felt it, and are moving with the new rhythm, will become happier and happier. The people who felt it, and are struggling against it, will become increasingly more frustrated and angry.

It's said, the world is going through a big change right now, and that when it's complete it'll raise the collective consciousness of the universe as a whole. (For more on this you should read the book, The Gaia Project) Some even debate that there are different groups of high consciousness being struggling for two ends. Which finally brings me to my point in all this.
As I was walking to work today I was wondering about these different sides. If they are out there, what they're trying to accomplish. And I asked myself if I had to choose a side, which would I choose?
"Now it would depend on the circumstances," I thought.
"After all I 'm all for the collective consciousness of the universe expanding. But would I still be for it if it meant the death of earth? Of everyone's physical forms?"
 Yes. I think so.

You see what if the other side just wants earth to keep on turning the way it is now. People from all different stars and consciousness can continue to experience together. They can keep reincarnated here, keep feeling with such intense emotion, keep learning, growing, experiencing in ways they never had before. It sounds nice, but than things would just go on and on. Never ending, never changing. I think it's be bound to erode away eventually. Not just earth, but it'll all unravel like a loose thread in a knitted shirt. Because the universe is change and motion not stasis. 

But than it made me think, "Well who's to say the universe as a whole isn't on repeat. What if all this has happened before, and it's just happening again and again, on and on." When I think like that, it makes me a little sad for some reason. bBut the universe is so vast, always twisting and bending in on itself. I don't think I'll ever know the answer, and I'm okay with that, but thinking like this gives me good feed for writing. ;)

The tarot readings I give myself have a lot of force behind them recently. I'm in desperate need of change and action if I want to settle this sensation that I need to do something. This card has been in every one of my readings.

The Wheel of Fortune; Reversed:  You are holding back your own destiny by your refusal to make the necessary changes or take the required actions. Refusing to set things in motion is causing stagnation and frustration. Although you rationalize the fact that your standing still, you are uncomfortable with the situation. You think you are waiting for yhr propitious time, but fear of the unknown is blocking you. You may be fantasizing about what you want to do, but you have to take action before anything can happen. Ask the universe to show you the way and fearlessly follow the direction you are given.

I'm asking you now. Show me the way already. I'll run head long into the crushing waves.

Everyone has intuition. So, if you have the impulse to post something here, post it. You never know. It might seem like nonsense to you, but it might make perfect sense to me.


  1. Melissa Rose--Thought provoking post! Reminds me of Plato's dualistic view of man. Man's true self (soul) is in the invisible world and his body has fallen into the visible, materialistic world. Reminds me also, a bit of Hindu and Buddhist philosophy where the cycle of life and death culminate in Nirvana. The struggle to transcend our earthly consciousness, sin, etc. pervades all religions. I hope we achieve it!

    1. Well I've always believed religion all steams from the same place, the same Source. That book The Gaia Project said that the reason earth is a material planet is because they discovered the only way beings of higher consciousness, and lower consciousness could coexist was to make it so.

      Those of lower consciousness tend to feel more hate, pain, sadness, and those of higher are connected to the Source of an entire star. So when they shared the same space of those with a lower consciousness, it hurt them. Though being in a physical planet put a barrier between them and those low vibration feelings.

  2. I like to think the universe is my line of expertise, but more I think about it, the harder it is to wrap my mind around it. Always could use a good stretch, right?

    I gave you a Shout-Out on my blog today. :)

    1. lol exactly. The mind is a muscle that needs to be exercised.

      Thanks. =D I'll go check it out.

  3. It's spring now, and spring is a time of new beginnings. The world is waking up, the sun is coming out, the seeds are sprouting, insects that long lay dormant are emerging. Why not start something new in your own life?

    1. That's what I'm thinking but I don't know what. I could get my license, or embark on a relatiopnship. I was thinking of publishing in a few literary magazines too.


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