The Importance of Chasing Dreams

There's a major crime committed every day. A sneak-thief that hides at your back, and gorges itself those little flickers of starlight behind your eyes.

Dreams. You've had them ever since you were a little kid, pretending to be a cop, or a firefighter, or an adventurer trekking through the amazon jungle like Indiana Johns. When your young, all these wishes and desires shine inside you and light up your eyes. I don't know when it happens, I don't know how I escaped, but at one point you go from believing those dreams can be reality, to thinking they're nothing more then romantic wished made on falling stars.

You've probably seen them everywhere. You'll probably see it in yourself. They're the people that smile when they talk about what they used to want. The shop they wanted to open but never did. The places they wanted to go but never could. You'll get a glimpse of that light in their eyes when they talk about it. Than in comes the thief, like a dark cloud on a sunny day, and that light is gone.

"Well I had to do this first," they say.
"It's not a smart investment."
"Life just doesn't work out like that."
"It doesn't make enough money."
"You don't understand how hard things are for me."
"Some people are just lucky, but not me."

And I'm telling you no one is standing in your way but yourself. You can tell me all the reasons you like about why you couldn't do it. List off all the reasons life stood in your way and I'll listen. I'll nod, but I know the truth.

You see human beings are amazing creations. When they want something bad enough, nothing, not even if the ground is crumbling under their feet, is going to keep them from getting it. You were made to reach for those dreams, those dreams are important and more than wishes on far away stars. You can reach them by building a ladder and taking it one step at a time. You might stumble once or twice. There's going to be thousands of people telling you how foolish it is, how you'll fail, how your going to be broke, alone, worthless. But you know what? All the greatest people throughout history had those people at their backs and they did it anyways. I bet they had more things piled against them than you did too.

Every time I see people dash their dreams on the sidewalk like trash, it makes me so hurt and sick to my stomach to see those shinning stars flicker and die, because I want people to help me create a night sky, the likes of which has never been seen before.

Just remember. No one and nothing is standing in your way, but you.


  1. I feel exactly the same way. That's an awesome poem too.

    What dreams are you chasing, Melissa?

  2. The poem is actually an exerpt from the book Warior of the Light by my all time favorite author, Paulo Coelho. If you ever want to pick him up start with, The Alchemist.

    Well obviously I want to be an author, but I also want to have a massage clinic, I want a tea garden, a log cabin that I already drew the blueprints for, and I want to travel. I also, latter in my life, would like to start changing the school system.

    What about you?

  3. I want to be really, really good at something. I'm just not sure what that something is yet. My tendency has always been to jump around, getting excited about something for a short while, and then moving on to something else. I get bored too easily. But I can't really be great unless I pick a specialty.

    I also want to travel all over the world. I never thought about it until a couple of years ago, though naturally I have trouble staying in once place for very long. There's just so much out there that needs to be experienced, especially as an artist.

    There are little things, too. Like publish a book, learn the piano, learn to bake great bread, run in a marathon.

    1. I want to learn the piano too. It's such a beautiful instrument. Bread is yummy, so you should master that. As for jumping around, there's nothing wrong with that. Eventually you'll find something that your so passionate about you just can't give up.


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