The importance of storytelling

Throughout the ages, storytellers have always been revered, and admired. There's importance in a good story. Lessons to be learned, places to see, things to experience that you never could before. But I think the importance of storytelling isn't being viewed in quite the same way anymore.  Forgotten, in many cases.

Stories are everywhere. They're what you tell your best friend when you explain about the strange person you met last week. They're what you see when you turn on the TV instead of doing your work, they're what you experience when you pull a book off the shelf or step into the theater to watch a Broadway performance. So why does the value of storytelling seem belittled? I think it's because the reasons people are telling these stories has changed.

Throughout history, and still in many different parts of the world, stories were told with the purpose of passing wisdom from one generation to the next. But now a days the purpose of telling a good story is to put money in your pocket.

Film makers, authors, music writers and performers, all base what they do around what will make them the most green for their pockets and wallets. Not all of course, but enough where it's resulted in the same tales being told over and over again.

So what makes a good story? A good storyteller? Well, tell it from your heart. Tell it to get your voice out in the world, to fashion the night, sky into your adventures and make the stars dance in swim in that endless nebulous. Not enough children are reading now a days. Instead they're glued to TVsets and video games, and while these are methods of story telling, there's something mind numbing about the way it's done.

I don't know. When I watch TV I feel like my brain just stopped working for a good hour while I do it. But when I read a book it comes to life. So many different pictures and places explode behind my eyes. I feel like my soul was sucked into the book, and I don't come back until the last page is turned.

The world is in desperate needs of good storytellers now. Not the kind looking to fatten their wallets, but the kind craving to ignite the mind.

So, what kind of storyteller are you?


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