Standing up for what you believe in

Conformity is so easy.
You can watch life go by,
and follow the rules,
the set standard for living.
Color inside the lines and take the straight and easy path, worn down and well traveled.

There's all the foot prints of those gone before you, as you march along with your wrists bruised in shackles. Because that's the way your parents went, and the way their parents went, and the way their parents went and... because that's the way they were told to go, by the people they were told to trust. They said that's the easy way, the only way to get what you want.

Want to know a secret? Shh, huddle close...

It's so much easier to be hand fed, and lead by chains than to think for yourself. Isn't it? Buy what they tell you to buy, do what they tell you to do, because their tricky, and it's the right way. Right? After all why would they lie to you

Maybe you can be happy that way. Maybe all you want is to trudge down that single, dry path with your chains rattling between you, and the stranger before you. With your head bowed as the cattle herder snaps the whip at your heels. I know you don't feel okay with that. Your just too afraid to step out of line, too look up and see where they're taking us.

Shh, a little closer. Listen.

I would chew through my wrists before I let them take me.
Grind in my heels and grit my teeth against the tear of that whip on my back because I looked up, and I can see beyond the skyline, behind that perfect picture of freedom and paradise they like to paint in the clouds. Let me tell you something. Come here. 

Behind that painting is a furnace. Because, to all those fat cats stuffed in pin strips and puffing on their cigars, your nothing more than heard animals. I know your not. 

Come with me. 
All it takes is a thought to turn those chains to dust.
So shake off the poison they have seeping through the ground between your feet and pumping through your veins in the form of medicine

Come with me.
Take my hand, and we'll  break away from the well worn path to explore the rewarding unknown of the world around us.
Like Tigers.
Like wolves.
Like strong, mighty spirits with no limit to what they can create, be, do, or have.  
We can't be stopped. 

But remember, even with me, you can always break away.
 Any time
Let go of my hand, and carve your own path through the jungle. 
I encourage it. 

Huddle closer, this is the secret...

If enough of us fight, they can't win. 
If we all break from formation at once, they can't even catch a quarter of us.
So run.
Because we weren't meant to be bound in a world where your dreams are trampled in the dirt like forgotten memories, and your nightmares are a reality your herded towards.  

This country was built on freedom, and liberty. And yet, here we stand. Drugged until we don't realize the chains binding us tight.

But you can hear it,
I know you can,
ringing through the air like a constant, humming note. 
Your looking up at the horizon,  
your realizing, something's not quite right here.    


  1. WB! Lead on fair maiden! You have raised the Standard of Non-Conformity and we follow!

  2. I will also go with you Melissa and A Long :)

  3. Very interesting thoughts on the importance of being different from others and choosing to follow what someone really wants to do

    1. To me, it's more than being different. It's fighting back against the people who try to make the masses harmless heard animals. It's fighting a lot of things really. Thank you for reading. :D


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