The out of control merry-go-round (Creative slumps)

On a warm summer day, when the sun is shinning hot, and the ice cream cone melts in your hand, the drone of pleasant (and sometimes a little creepy) music listlessly following you round and round, can be relaxing. There's the chipped paint on the saddle, the thrill of racing for your favorite beast or steed and the wind in your hair as the gears start up. Round, and round you go, at a steady, slow pace. But what about when it spins faster, and faster, and out of control? You can't jump off, and all you can do is wrap your arms around the pole as you spiral out of control.

Sometimes my writing feels like this. Most days are pleasant. The words flow naturally, the plot falls into place like neatly cut pieces. It happens slowly. I have to stop working a little earlier than usual. I take one too many tea breaks. But it the music starts to quicken.

Round and round, and round I go. Faster and faster. Until I'm threatening to throw the computer out the window and slamming doors. I want to scream and cry and pull out my hair, all at once. And it just keeps going faster and faster as I ask myself, "am I mad?" But all I see is the mad hatter with his Cheshire-cat smile saying, "All the best people are."

Eventually it slows. The music sputters, and it dies. Leaving me in knots and stumbling for balance as I teeter through the exit gate to hurl in the dumpster. Want to know what I do the next day?

I get an ice cream cone, stand in line, and race for my favorite beast or steed.

When your chasing something that matters your always going to want to give up. The important thing is you get back on the horse again. Even if it's a plastic or wooden one.

I was going to write this so I can ask advice on how to beat the blues when I get into my creative slumps. But the point kind of ran away from me. (Like it usually does.)

I would still like to hear your methods for beating down that sneaky imp telling you all the reasons you can't do it.


  1. So what if the imp tells you you can't do it? You're not doing this to become successful or famous. You're doing it because you love it. No one can take that away from you.

    1. :) That's very true. Thank you. But what do I do about being mad? lol

  2. Melissa Rose, I'm no authority, but since mid-December, I have only gone a day or two without writing. One of the things I've done is started about two dozen poems, stories or articles. (I haven't undertaken a novel, so I can't say I've faced that Herculean task that you and Aaron have. I admire you guys for that!) But, whatever mood I'm in, I can write something. I've also taken to commenting on others posts in Google+ and the other sites I've found. This helps me gain a positive mood to tackle my work, if i need the impetus.

    Now about the madness? All I can say is harness the power of that emotion, like you have done today! Thanks for being an inspiration!

    1. Some emotions are better put into color than writing for me. I need to go buy paints.

      Thanks for the advice. :D If you ever need any help just ask.


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